“The Future of AI Infra” Event

Eastlink Capital and Future Builders held “The Future of AI Infra” event on July 23, 2023. We were lucky to have “Top Guns” in the AI infra space  for our lineup of speakers and panelists including Bob van Luijt (Weaviate), Nikita Shamgunov (Neon), Mingxi Wu (TigerGraph), Li Shen (PingCap), Frank Liu (Zilliz) and Ofer Mendelevitch (Vectara).

Topics covered included: the modern AI infra stack; challenges, opportunities & landmines in AI; AI for databases; “grounded generation”; vector databases; and more. The presentations, demos, and conversations were truly educational and inspiring for our ~65 audience of AI founders, engineers, and builders, who spent an afternoon for an interactive and engaging discussion.

Huge thank you to our gracious co-hosts Morrison Foerster for sharing their beautiful Palo Alto office space and supporting us with their lovely events team! Thanks to Cooley for also sponsoring this event!

This is the first in a series of AI events that we plan to host in the future. Let’s continue to push the field.

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