Above All, We are Product and Founder Focused

  • We look for unique technology that solves critical problems in markets with huge potential and high barriers to entry.
  • We value focused founders with the relevant skills and experiences to scale their businesses.
  • As immigrants ourselves, we root for the underdogs and are experienced in helping founders of all backgrounds to overcome the challenges they may face

1. Founder and Product-driven Investment

We leverage our domain expertise in enterprise cloud (especially data infrastructure and cybersecurity) to identify potential winners early on and boldly invest in exceptional products backed by cutting-edge technology and led by exceptional founders.


2. Invest in Emerging Category Leaders as Early as Possible

We strive to stay ahead of the curve by specializing in early-stage investing (Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B). We also invest in select growth-stage companies through our separate Opportunity Fund. It is very fulfilling for us to identify and support visionary pioneers from the get-go.

3. Back Immigrant Founders

Coming from humble backgrounds ourselves, we aim to become the Go-To fund for immigrant founders in our target domains. Our experience in cross-border businesses and extensive Asian American network position us excellently to help portfolio companies with financing, recruiting, and expanding to global markets, particularly in Asia.


4. Roll Up Our Sleeves to Add Value

We are highly selective investors, but once you are chosen, we wholeheartedly bring our best advice and resources to the table. We understand that founders and management teams are the most critical determinants of future success, so we prioritize adding value through:

  • Introductions to corporate partnerships, customers, and additional investors
  • Go-to-market strategy and business development
  • Recruiting top technical and management talent

Our Value System

Moral Compass

We back missionary and ethical founders who always do the right thing, and we aspire to require at least the same standard upon ourselves.

Team Centric and Win-win Approach

Teamwork, trust and transparency are deeply rooted in our culture. We are not just financial investors, but loyal long-term partners to our founders. It is only when we founders are successful, that we can succeed.

Intellectual Honesty

This is the cornerstone of our culture. We strive to be authentic to ourselves and others, and seek factual evidence to make informed decisions. 

“Think Big” but are grounded by focusing and executing

We seek ambitious founders who solve critical problems in massive markets. Broad visions are only fruitful while going hand in hand with strong execution skills. 

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